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i love you

i love you
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I am so ready for spring break. I can't wait to go to Cali and not have to worry about school. So many decisions to make right now, it's kind of overwhelming. However, it's good to know that I have friends and family to support and love me. :)

I never knew what hamsters sounded like until this past week. They sound like squeak toys. The babies are so precious! I wish I could keep them, but it's kind of nice for now because I get to play with them whenever I want but Cindy comes to clean them. (I'm hamstersitting for her while her apartment is being shown to people).

I feel bad for my bird. I wish someone who can actually take care of it could come and make it happy. I know nothing about birds, but I figured at least I feed it and clean its cage. ::sigh:: Poor birdie.

Yeah, so my apartment is an animal sanctuary right now. If you need a home for your pet, I guess it stay here too! :D

I love hanging out with my friends. Current mood is definitely lazy! I also want to update my teeshirt wardrobe. ^_^ Yay for having an income.

<3 jen

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